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New american tour for Väsen. In the end of March, Väsen will cross the Atlantic Ocean for gigs together with Darol Anger & Mike Marshall

In the beginning of March, Olov Johansson will tour Scotland toghether with harpist Catriona McKay

Kraja will probably make three different tours to Germany during 2009. The first will be in the end of May, and the other later on this summer

Kraja will make a concert at the upcoming Linköpings Folk Festival next weekend

Under himmelens fäste with Kraja will be released in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the BeNeLux countires by Westpark Music

Kraja will appear as guest musicians at a new CD with swedish jazz legends Jonas Knutsson and Johan Norberg. The album will be released by the german label ACT

Kraja goes east. In the middle of July, Kraja will go to Moscow to participate in the EBU festival, arranged in cooperation with radio stations all over Europe

Krajas new CD will be titled Under Himmelens fäste and it will be released at the Folk Music festival in Ransäter

Väsen will go to the US for a short tour. First gig in Pasadena at April 12th and last in Jamestown, NY at April 20th.

In the end of March and beginning of April, Kraja will tour in southwest Sweden arranged by Musik i Väst. Check out the calender for gigs!

In the end of February, Kraja will tour Nothern Sweden with concert in Lycksele and Storuman.

Finally. Drone will make a new record with Kraja. It will be recorded at Eastern, and the release will be in May/June

Ranarim will preform at Odense Folk Festival in Denmark upcoming weekend

In the beginning of November, Väsen will tour Japan with concerts in Tokyo and Funabashi

Kraja has won the international singing competition at Kihaus Folk Music Festival, Finland

The next Drone album, I lust och glöd with Olov Johansson will be released in May.

Ranarim will make their first tour to South America during the forthcoming two weeks. Its the first time the band will preform in South America, and the concerts will be held in Uruguay and Argentina


At the annual Manifest Gala in Stockholm, Sweden Ranarim got the award for best Swedish Folk Album of 2006

Morgonstjärna with Ranarim is nominated to "Best Folk/world Album" at the Swedish Manifest Awards 2007

Morgonstjärna with Ranarim will be released in North America by Northside January 30th.

Morgonstjärna with Ranarim is nominated to "Best folk Album" at the Swedish Grammy Awards 2007

Both Orm with Sågskära and Morgonstjärna with Ranarim are at top 10 at the swedish World Music charts at www.rootsy.nu (swedish only)

Ulrika Bodén and Niklas Roswall from Ranarim will be interviewed in Svensktoppen, a national radio show November 12th november. The listeners will also get some samples from the new Morgonstjärna album.

Ranarim, Ian Carr & Niklas Roswall and Olov Johansson will perform at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Scotland. The artists will preform during 25-27th of January 2007.

Morgonstjärna with Ranarim will be released under licence by Westpark Music in Germany and the BeNeLux countries. Release October 21st.

At last! The new CD Morgonstjärna with Ranarim are here! It was released at Stallet in Stockholm October 11th.

Ulrika Bodén and Niklas Roswall will compete in the Swedish qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest! Ulrika and Niklas have appeared at a lot of Drone CDs, and both are members of Ranarim. Together with Rostam Mirlashari, they have composed "I mina drömmar", for the song contest

Now, there is a Calendar where You can see upcoming events with Drone artists

Kraja och Harv will preform at Folkelarm, an international music fair in Oslo, September 30th.

In 2007, Drone will release a new CD with Olov Johansson. It will be an exciting CD where Olov will play together with some of his best musical friends!

The new album Orm with Sågskära will be released at Korrö Folk Music Festival.

Rock legends Led Zeppelin have been in Sweden to get the Polar Music Prize. They wished to listen to Väsen while they were in Sweden. In an interview with Dagens Industri, a main financial newspapera, John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin said :

"In Sweden you have Väsen. It's a traditional folkband based on the Nyckelharpa- and it's really good music, very exciting, you must listen, it's fantastic music"

There is A LOT of reviews of Drone CDs , click here

Finally, the new CD with Kraja is released. The event took place at Gammlia, Umeå

The new album Courage with Sofia Sandén will be released at Stallet in Stockholm, October 1st 2005.

Drone office moves to Gävle! Both record company and family will move to Gävle, a nice town 2,5 hours north of Stockholm. The new adress:
Drone Music AB, Skeppargränd 6, SE-805 96 Gävle - Telephone +46 26 16 14 10.

Ranarim is recording a new album in the Atlantis studio, Stockholm. The new CD will probably be released during the autumn

Johan Hedin will preform a concert in London today. It will be recorded and sent by BBC Radio 3.

Sofia Sanden from Ranarim will record her first solo-album in June. She will be backed by Jens Engelbrech (guitar), Dan Sjöberg (fiddle) and Pelle Lindström (mouth-harmonica).

The recording will take place in the legendary Danielsgården in Bingsjö.

Kraja, a remarkably good vocal quartet are right now finishing the recording of their first album. We are trying to release this album in the end of the summer.

Väsen will be on tour in Japan in the end of January. They will preform in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

The new CD Virek of Pettersson & Fredriksson was released at January 21st, 2005.

Johan Hedin made a fantastic solo concert at the 30th annual Nyckelharpa Stämma in Österbybruk. At the concert, the new CD "Innersta Polskan" was released.

Henrik Eriksson from Nyckelharporkestern won the Nyckelharpa world championships!

The new CD with Ulrika Bodén will be released in April. Its a follow up to her previous CD "Vålje och Vraka" from 2001

Now the work on a new Drone site starts!

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