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Drone Music AB
c/o Olle Paulsson
Barrvägen 4
743 40 Storvreta
Telephone +46 18 36 66 11
Mobile: +46 705 21 96 41
e-mail: folkmusik@drone.se

Olle Paulsson
I have been playing Swedish traditional music since I was a child. In the mid-eighties I was starting wondering why so much good Swedish traditional music was unable at recordings. The plans for an own label started 1988 and a fantastic musical experience in Røros 1989 (Olov Johansson och Roger Tallroth) made me realize my plans. In the beginning Drone was a tiny project, but over the years the catalogue has grown and today Drone is presenting a wide range of Swedish traditonal music on CD. More and more CD are selling abroad
I have built this site all by myself . I am using a MySQL database and php to keep track of all CDs and artists.
Olle Paulsson, founder and owner of Drone Music AB
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